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Professional Development Focus Group

Associate Degree Nursing Program
Curriculum Improvement Project
Professional Development Focus Group

Meeting One

October 10, 2006

Guilford Technical Community College 

Members Present

•Laura Bliley, Beaufort Community College    •Tara Grant, Randolph Community College

•Charles Wray, Piedmont Community College    •Carolanne Henley, Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

•Nettie Guy, Rockingham Community College    •Cynthia Davis, Western Piedmont Community College

•Rita Conner, Blue Ridge Community College

Agenda Item Discussion Action and Responsible Party Due Date
Focus Group Mission Focus group mission reviewed. None None
Nursing Faculty Learning Needs Assessment Group discussed and selected 11 content areas for learning needs assessment using a 5-point Likert scale. Nursing faculty will be asked to rate their degree of comfort in each of the 11 areas. Once rated, nursing faculty will be asked to prioritize their top 3 learning needs from the list.
  1. L. Bliley will format survey instrument with assistance from her CC's office of institutional effectiveness and planning.
  2. Instrument will be emailed to team for review and revision.
  3. Instrument will be e-mailed to CIP reps/program directors and deans for distribution and completion.
  4. L.Bliley sends reminder e-mail to CIP reps/program directors and deans.
  5. CIP reps/program directors and deans compile responses and forward to L. Bliley.
  6. Final results will be forwarded to C. Blackwell.
Prior to 10/17/2006

Prior to 10/17/2006




Prior to NOADN conference if possible, 11/5 - 11/7.


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